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UMI - University Medical Imaging
Advanced Visualization with Multi-parametric MRI of the Prostate

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Actual comment from a patient survey.





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Due to the advances in 3T MRI, UMI can perform non-invasive high resolution imaging of the prostate without the need for placement of an endo-rectal coil. This makes the imaging procedure much more comfortable for the patient while providing the necessary signal to noise ratio required for fine detail prostate imaging. Using a combination of a dynamic contrast injection and specialized post processing software, UMI can perform real multi-parametric imaging of the prostate.

Candidates for prostate MRI are patients with an abnormal digital rectal exam, elevated PSA and/or negative biopsies, patients with known prostate cancer and or post prostatectomy to rule out recurrence.


UMI is the primary sponsor for the Distiguished Gentlemans Ride in Rochester NY to promote prostate cancer awareness month and mens health Sunday September 25th. UMI's practice administrator Michael J Lechner will be one of the riders participating in the event and is helping raise donations for the charity. Please support his efforts and click on the pic below and consider contributing a donation to sponsor him for the ride. 


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